PHASE 3 Wedding Update!

Who’s ready to plan a wedding?! 

Phase 3 reopening begins July 16th and WOW have things changed dramatically for couples planning a wedding! 

We will link the government documents at the end of this post but here is the update! Disclaimer: This information provided by the Ontario Wedding Association. Your venue can do something different and capacity as to what they are comfortable with. 



For both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies your capacity is only determined by the space in which guests can maintain social distance of 6 feet. Whether that is a church, event space or outdoor location, you can have as many people present as you’d like provided they are 6 feet socially distanced. Guests must also wear their masks at all times. 



There are different restrictions depending on if your wedding will be held at a private residence or a staffed, public venue. Just like last summer this means you are able to have more people in attendance if you are at a staffed venue as there is more tracking of guests and monitoring of social distancing. 

  • For PRIVATE RESIDENCES, you must follow the social gathering guidelines of 25 people indoors or 100 people outdoors for your reception. 
  • For STAFFED VENUES, you first must make a choice on if your only going to have a dinner reception or if you want a dinner and dance reception. Dancing IS allowed at receptions but there are increased restrictions on capacity. WITH dancing, INDOOR,  the venue is limited to 25% of the capacity on the room your reception is taking place or 250 people (whichever is less). OUTDOORS with dancing you are limited to 75% of the capacity for the area in which your reception is taking place. WITHOUT dancing, INDOOR, you can have 50% of the capacity for the room your reception is taking place or 1000 people (whichever is less). OUTDOOR you can have 75% capacity for the area in which your reception is taking place. 


Guests must always wear masks, whether indoors or outdoors, tables still socially distanced 6 feet from another table and maintain 6 feet of distance within the room. 

Here is the link to all of the information! Please reach out to us with any comments, questions, or concerns. Disclaimer as mentioned above, your venue may decide to do something totally different and what they are comfortable with. This is the breakdown as provided by the Ontario Wedding Association.